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Term Paper on Marketing Research


Research Term Paper:

Marketing research is the process of the collecting, processing and analysis of the information about the opportunities of the company in the fiend of marketing and decision making on the basis of the results of the research. Marketing research is related with the analysis of the sales and marketing opportunities of a company, the prediction of the sales, the indicators of supply and demand, etc. The results of the marketing research of the firm are used for planning and control over the activity of the company. Marketing research is always carried out with the help of the collecting and analysis of the primary data.

The most obvious task of marketing research is to provide the firm with the adequate and totally objective information about the situation on the market and the ability of the company to compete on it and receive favourable income. The information collected during the marketing research is able to help the executives of the company to make the right decision which would be only for the better.

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The main principles of marketing research are:

  • consistency,
  • complexity,
  • regularity,
  • objectivity,
  • accuracy,
  • efficiency.

There are three main types of marketing research:

  • searching (collecting the additional information);
  • descriptive (detailed description of the objects and processes and their interconnection);
  • experimental (the testing of the marketing hypothesis).

The process of market research has its own program or structure which enables to reach such aims: research the consumers of the certain product in the current time; define the potential and direct consumers; define the existence of the rivals on the market and predict their quantity in future; define the most serious rivals on the market; find the right place on the sector of the market.

Marketing research is the process which helps companies find their place on the market and ensure themselves with the returning customers and favourable conditions for work and development. When the student is asked to prepare a good term paper or essay about marketing research, he will need to devote much time to the process of writing and data analysis. The student is obliged to explain the process of marketing research, its functions, components, purpose, complexities, role for the development of a firm, etc. The term paper is supposed to be interesting, informative and logical and illustrate the adequate condition of the process of marketing research recently.

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