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Essay on Responsibility


on Responsibility:

Responsibility of a subjective decision made under the influence of society. It generally refers to the potential consequences of the actions or inactions of individuals, groups, or companies.

A person, group, or company can implement initiatives to prevent or rectify deficiencies and to measure their actions in this matter. The scope of this responsibility is that of sustainable development, and the Ethics, thus including social, environmental, cultural, as well as economic aspects. According to experts, the emergence of this concept is linked to the concept of risk in the context of globalization and questions regarding the exploitation of natural resources.

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While in the Kantian Tradition, the responsibility is a personal virtue related to the conception of universal principles of personal behavior, according to Hans Jonas, responsibility is rather a social virtue as a kind of injunction voluntarily accepted (including by altruism or selfishness) and could result in the model imperative kantian like “Act so that the effects of your action are compatible with the permanence of genuine human life.” The said requirement is known as the “principle of responsibility” which is of great importance in the field of sustainable development and the environment taking into account the renewable resources more or less related to the ecology (which means that the environmental responsibility is a form of social responsibility).

From the perspective of social organization, social responsibility differs from legal liability for failing to an institutionalized process of adjudication and judgment, there are no specialized courts to judge the social responsibility that is also still rarely included in legal norms despite commitments made by states at the Earth Summit in Rio in June 1992.

Social responsibility is also different from the political responsibility because it is not limited to the evaluation of the exercise of power (power) through a state authority (This responsibility is often exercised by individuals in their private lives and groups in the workplace). Nevertheless, some political groups attach particular importance to the social aspects of their programs.

Social responsibility and corporate investors is a subject of growing interest, as so to the distance between the first and societies affected by they activity in the context of economic globalization, the earlier forms of responsibility are increasingly less effective (such as economic patriotism of investors and entrepreneurs or legal controls and a country-house politicians).

Students writing their essays on responsibility may use free sample essay on the issue, from which they may learn that in a post-modern view, responsibility is what other cannot do for you.

Responsibility is what cannot be delegated. Social responsibility is in this context kind of psychological contract between the company and its employees on the one hand (psychological contract) and the company and the society on the other (social role).

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