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Essay on Time is Money


is Money Essay:

People often repeat the well-known aphorism: Time is money. However, most people are saying it without catching up the meaning of these words. And usually such people have more time than money and often run out of both.

Indeed, however the concepts of “time” and “money” are closely related, they are not equal. One can turn into the other, but not by itself, but only at the expense of purposeful human effort.

Unfortunately, not everybody possesses the art of such a transformation. Some people complain about the lack of money, but do not know how to kill their time, while others earn decent amount of money, but cannot find a minute of free time. In the formula, “time is money” – there is great wisdom, which, however, is formulated too generally. Let us try to understand it in a more detailed way and turn banal truth into the pledge of a real success.

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As well as money, time is a resource. However, this is a unique resource. Time, unlike money, you cannot borrow, save, or pile it up for future use. Whether we like it or not, we have to spend, and at a fixed rate – 60 minutes in an hour. Time cannot be turned off as some kind of a mechanism or be replaced, as an employee or partner. Thus, the time is the most ruthless and inflexible element of our existence, so we must learn how to properly allocate it.

The most important difference between time and money is that time, unlike money, is distributed fairly among all people. For a worker and supervisor, student and housewife, businessman and beggar there are 24 hour in day and not a second more. Therefore, the problem is not how much time we have, but how we use it.

People, who do not know how to manage their time, are in constant tension. They are always something to do, and thus suffer from pangs of conscience because of unfinished businesses and missed opportunities. Not surprisingly, the time it is never enough.

Experienced businessmen say, “If you cannot manage your time, you will not be able to control anything else.” This is difficult to argue. The rational organization of time can put in front of us a lot of problems, but at the same time open up tremendous prospects.

People, who do not know how to manage their time, can to reflect on his past for hours and months, regretting missed opportunities. If you look objectively, it is quite pointless, because the past cannot be changed. All that we can do is to build our future. As long as we are alive, we are able to act creatively and reach new milestones.

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