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Essay on Qualities of a Good Student


of a Good Student Essay:

One of the most pressing issues for the modern student is a matter of personal qualities necessary for successful learning.

Motivation. It is not for nothing that this quality of the student comes first – without motivation, in my opinion, there is nothing to do in school at all. At the same time, motivating factors may be various: the student parents wish, a wish of self-improvement, a wish to find a good job, etc. Undoubtedly, the most effective are the internal factors (the desire of the student) rather than external. The degree of motivation to learn depends on the success of the educational process as a whole.

Self-organization. It is very important personal quality of the student. In kindergarten and even in school, all educators / teachers cared about their students, nursed, and nurtured them.

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College is another thing. Here, no one will care about your progress, except for yourself. Can you organize your working day: time to get up, present at all classes, complete all assignments home, prepare to seminars, tests, etc. If you allow yourself to be lazy, especially in the first year – you cannot expect a positive result. No wonder there is a saying – First year you work for the record book, and then it works for you. Easier to work hard at first, earning a reputation as a “good student” in the eyes of teachers, and relax a bit after.

The student also needs such a quality as independence. You have to understand that there is no the usual supervision by teachers in high school. Here the student is responsible for his actions. This quality is especially important for the education in not your hometown.

Perseverance. At a minimum, you need to “sit out” through all the lectures, to listen to all the theoretical material. On the other hand, if you missed it, write down the missed lecture in your notebook. You also need time to prepare for the practical and seminars.

Trainability. Unfortunately, not all students have this personal quality. However, as a rule, if the previous four qualities are observed in everyday life, trainability will be at a high enough level. Someone “catches” the information on the fly, someone has to work for a long time to learn the theoretical material. These psychological characteristics should be considered.

Leadership. Here, everything is clear. No one pays attention to those who are “dragged behind the train.” If you want to be successful – be ahead. Whether it is learning or extra-curricular activities.

To write a good essay on qualities of a good student, it is important to see what qualities are necessary for successful learning. In your investigation, you have to find out and explain what factors have influence on your learning ability.

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