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Essay on Who Moved My Cheese?


Who Moved My Cheese?

Who Moved My Cheese is a book talking metaphorically about a parable that reveals astonishing truths about change. It is a story about adjusting at the many transitions and changes that will occur in your life. The changes might occur in your workplace, relationship, community, money, possessions and freedom. The book is a guide to adapting to change because things change every time and the only way to survive is by learning to adapt.

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The author uses a short but hugely effective parable of a cheese and maze which are simply metaphors. The cheese is a metaphor representing what everyone wants in life and what we all work hard to achieve and acquire whether tangible or intangible like a good job, money, house, health and peace. People have an idea of cheese in their lives and are determined to pursue it because they believe it will fill bring happiness. The story also talks about the Maze which represents where people go to find what they want in life or the cheese. It might be the workplace, relationships or a community. A problem occurs where the characters’ cheese is portable and does not stay in one place, and they have to travel in a desperate attempt for satisfaction.

Who moved my cheese is an easy and complex story involving four imaginary friend, the mice who are ‘Sniff and ‘Scurry and the little people are ‘Hem and ‘Haw. The little people represent the hard and accessible parts of our lives regardless of race, gender or age. Sniff is a smart mouse who recognizes change early, and Scurry decides to take action about change. The four little characters lived in a land where they searched for cheese for survival and happiness. They had a daily routine where they would run through the maze in search of exceptional cheese. The two mice had restrained brains, but good instincts. They could sniff out the place and dig it hoping to find the cheese they liked so much. The little people had complex brains but full of emotions and beliefs which they used to find their peculiar cheese. Both mice and little people had a routine where they could wake up every morning and run, sniff and look for cheese. They finally found the cheese, but the two mice kept their daily routine looking for more and looking for any changes.

Hem and Haw became comfortable and stopped looking after they found the cheese. They could wake up slower and go to eat the cheese but never looked for any changes. One day both mice and little people realized their cheese was finished, but the mice were prepared for it because they had noticed the change. The little people were extremely scared. ‘what! No cheese?’ Hem yelled. ‘Who moved my cheese?’ he hollered. Hem is unable to accept change as he thinks the outcome will not be favourable. Haw adapts to change as he learns it can lead to better things. Ham realized he was wasting time and knew he had to move on with life. Haw said, ‘sometimes, Hem, things change and they are never the same again. This looks like one of those times. That’s life! Life moves on. And so should we.’

Ham wrote on the wall ‘If you do not change you can become extinct.’ ‘What would you do if you weren’t afraid?’ As they went on with the journey to find cheese, Ham wrote again ‘Smell the cheese, so you know when it is getting old.’ When these characters are faced with unexpected change, one deals with it and writes on the wall. He says that when someone sees the hand writing on the wall they can learn how to deal with change. Students, business people and also families would find this book useful as they will learn to deal with change. For those seeking or are already in a management position, this book will teach them how to keep looking for changes in the organisation and finding new ways of adjusting.

The book has exceptionally good features as it shows us of the struggles that we are about to face in search of self-empowerment. In order to achieve all the good things we want we should know that there will be many struggles and loop holes to face., Old beliefs do not lead you to new cheese, therefore; you need to embrace change in order to find new cheese or new possibilities.

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