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Essay on Xbox 360 vs PS3


360 vs Playstation 3 Essay:

The battle PS3 vs Xbox 360 has to start with the fact that the production of PS3 is much more expensive than that of the Xbox 360, this is due to the cost, and thus the quality of the components and build quality.

The minimum cost of PS3 is up to $120 more than the cost of the Xbox 360, though the PS3 is sold cheaper than it costs (at least it was so with the first models), the new PS3 slim model is probably sold at cost, and Xbox 360 consoles manage to gain some profit at least according to the official statements. And the price difference is not associated with the fact PS3 has a Blu-Ray drive on board, because Sony owns the Blu-Ray brand and all rights and patents, therefore, they are quite cheap in production, because Sony do not have to pay for patents on the technology, etc.

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Thus it is possible to see the quality of production, with all the consequences, which particularly affects the reliability of the product. In general, the statistics shows the same and: the average life expectancy of old (not Slim) Xbox 360 models is 1-2 years, while PS3 work much longer. Of course, PS3 is not perfect and there is the processor overheating, but if you follow the basic precautions and will not be playing all day long without turning off the console, it will last for quite a long time, and in any case Xbox 360 will be out of order in 2.5 years, even if you use it for short period of time (at least it was so with older models).

However, it is worth mention that PS3 Blu-Ray drive is pretty weak spot, at least comparing with everything else. Sony has always produced not too reliable drives, but if you compare the drives of PS3 and Xbox 360, the latter has much worse drives.

In addition, an undoubted advantage of the PS3 drive is possibility to use Blu-Ray discs, and therefore the ability to watch the movies in this format, and as a video player PS3 is pretty universal.

At the same time, the Xbox 360 new (Slim) models theoretically and visually have better cooling and reliability. All the shortcomings of the previous models are eliminated, now instead of two hot processors, there is only one with much bigger (compared to previous models) radiator with a copper core and much bigger fan located directly on the radiator (unlike previous models). It resulted in significantly reduced size of the consoles, as well as noise and heating / cooling, which became much better.

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