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Forms of Work Essay


Forms of work and business practice continue to change over time due to various issues. Changes in work and business practices have been made possible with changes in technology, increase in human competency and the need to ensure efficiency in performance. Business changes its business practices to comply with emerging laws related to the operation of business activities. Furthermore, competition in the market and the need to increase efficiency and production have made more business improve on their operations to remain competitive in the market. Workers are the most critical factor in production. Workers can influence other factors to require in production. The increasing activity aimed at changing the form of products have changed the corporate culture and led to changes in form of work. Technology has been the most significant determinant in changing forms of work. With the evolution of technology and its application in various human activities, it continues to determine how the activities will be done.

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Technology is responsible for changes in the form of work and has even led to the abolition of some forms of work while introducing some form of work that never existed several years before. With the advent of computers came the mechanization of workplaces that transforming business practices. Mechanization later evolved to automation where business practices could be performed with little human intervention. Currently, business activities have significantly changed due to the impact of artificial intelligence. In Artificial intelligence, machines and equipment that mimic human intelligence have been created and are operational. Artificially created machines can perform complex tasks with unmatched precision. Many business practices have changed with intelligence machines replacing human beings. For example, in many production activities, packaging was traditional done by human beings. The practice changed with the introduction of machines to aid in the packaging but with the help and close supervision by man. The practice has further changes with the creation of intelligence packaging machines that can package materials with unmatched precision.

Business practices have also been integrated to ensure one process can perform various functions. The current state of integration practices varies and can be from a small-scale organization where only affairs within one roof are integrated to regional integration and global integration where companies with operations in various parts of the world can execute their functions from a common area. Integration can also be in the form of decentralization where business operations are dispersed. Integration or dispersion of business functions seeks to warrant efficiency, reduce the cost of production and ensure production of high-quality goods. In the course of integration of business activities, labor is also integrated where people from various parts of the world come together to work together. A typical example of integration of business activities and operations is where people from different parts of the world are brought together to work in one production systems. Bringing together of factors of production is associated with vertical disintegration where multiple enterprises agree to jointly concentrate on profitable core activities of a business and outsource the rest. Outsourcing has also been promoted by increasing specialization in the labor market. As much as forms of work have been diversifying with people clamoring to have multiple skills, people have been specializing in activities they are best suited to perform.

Another change in forms of work and business practices is the time and location to perform business operations. Globally, the amount of time-spent working has been in decline but the flexibility of working time has been in the rise. Over the years, there has been a steady reduction in working time as people and organizations strive to ensure there exist a balance between working time and available time to perform personal activities. Workers productivity has been determined to be higher if they have enough time to execute personal actions. Better work-life balance is critical for the development of an organization and the welfare of workers. Workers prefer to work in more flexible terms. With the development of technology, workers flexibility has increased. For example, other companies allow their workers to work from home or another place without showing up in the office.

Workplace and space have also changed. Workplaces are becoming smaller with time. Office space has become fragmented and expensive as demand goes up with the land resource remaining constant. Today, where one is working from is not of concern to business, but the quality of work performed. Equipment used in production has also been transformed. Technology has allowed production of small but efficient machines with the ability to perform various tasks much easier. For example, the size of the computer and servers used in offices has changed. In the 1980s, computers were voluminous and produced a lot of heat hence were only used in workstations with ample space. Today, there are small and portable computers that are convenient to use, do not produce much heat thus suitable for small office space.

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