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Green Chemistry Term Paper


Paper on Green Chemistry:

Green chemistry is the branch of chemistry which is characterized with the reduction of the negative impact of the chemical substances on the environment and human life. It is obvious that the majority of chemical substances cause harm to the human health and they are often connected with pollution, so chemical industry has been always associated with pollution and contamination of the environment. The main idea of green chemistry is to reduce pollution and negative impact of chemicals on the environment. Moreover, the substances are even expected to do more good than harm, curing illnesses and helping people in their activity. The concepts of green chemistry appeared at the beginning of 1990s when people understood the importance of production of healthy and safe products. This branch of chemistry is applied for the improvement of other branches of chemistry – organic and non-organic chemistry, biochemistry and even physical chemistry.

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Green chemistry is most often applied for the solution of the important industrial problems, so it is used for the selection of the chemical processes which can be applied in the technologies of production. Except of the reduction of the harmful effects of chemicals, green chemistry is supposed to improve the effectiveness of the existing chemical processes. The brightest example of the practical use of green chemistry id hydrogen economy when the renewable energy is accumulated in the form of hydrogen, achieved from water; and when it is used, it produces energy and water again.

This branch of chemistry is also supposed to make chemical industry more profitable, because plants and factories do not have to spend money on the utilization of the harmful results or wastes of production.

Green chemistry is the practical and constructive solution to the problem of harmful impact of chemical industry on the natural environment. The student is able to observe the matter in detail and try to analyze the problem in detail to see all the positive and negative sides of green industry for the society. One should look through a few sources about the topic and learn about the principles and major aspects of green chemistry, its methodology, purposes, expectations, achievements and failures and use on practice. In the end, it is reasonable to summarize the problem professionally evaluating the importance and usefulness of green chemistry for the humanity.

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