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Term Paper on Burglary


Term Paper:

Burglary is the action of the illegal entry into the private house and it is considered to be a crime.

Burglary is not just the entry into the building, but also the kind of offence characterized with stealing the property of the third people – the owners of the building. Burglary is one of the most widespread crimes, because the majority of people keep a lot of expensive and valuable things at home, so houses of the common people become targets of burglars. Of course, the simple breaking into the building without any other purposes occurs rarely, so the criminals are punished for the complex crimes. For example, if one has just broken into the house and has done nothing more – the crime is not a serious one and the burglar can be just fined and punished with social labor. In fact, the majority of breakings are accompanied with threats and violence when the hosts of the house are at home.

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This type of burglary is supposed to be the most serious one, because the criminal causes harm not just to the private property but to the owners of this property. The punishment for burglary differs according to the time of the crime (day and night burglary). Night burglary is supposed to be more serious and is punished more strictly. In some countries burglary is not just the break into the house but into the automobile, train cars, boats and other vehicles. The crime is even more serious if it is accompanied with rape, threats, kidnapping and other actions. Of course, the peculiarities of the punishment depend on the country and local laws and may differ considerably.

Burglary is a serious crime which is characterized with the illegal breaking into the house. The student who is learning crime and law is supposed to be aware about the peculiarities of burglary, its types, the dangers it carries with it, etc. The young professional is expected to research the crime from all sides, observe the details of the crime, write about the punishment and the peculiarities of the definition of burglary not in the USA and the UK but in other countries, as the law is different everywhere.

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