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How to Write a 10 Page Term Paper


on Writing a Good 10-Page Term Paper:

An average term paper is supposed to cover no less than 10 pages of the sensible and well-formatted text and students understand that this requirement is quite a strict one and they feel at a loss because of the lack of knowledge and writing experience. Many students do not know what can be written in the full ten pages of text, as they got used to writing short assignments and present their ideas in the brief way.

Below students can look through a few tips about the way of writing a long 10 page text of a term paper:

  1. The primary step of writing is the choice of the right topic for the research. If one has to prepare a long and detailed term paper, he should understand that a narrow topic can not be written by an inexperienced student in 10 pages. One should generate a bit broader topic which would enable the student to explain something, to argue, to present different points of view, string and weak sides of something, etc.
  2. The first page of the whole term paper is supposed to be filled by an introduction. This section is believed to inform the reader about the topic, the relevance of the points suggested for the research, the methodology used for writing and the strong sides of the research. One should make the reader interested in writing from the very beginning and persuade him in the quality of the topic and the urgency of the content under discussion.
  3. The main body of the term paper is the field of the student’s research, argumentation, critics, approval and other actions related with the research of a chosen problem. One should remember that the body of the assignment should occupy no less than 8 pages of high-quality text; otherwise the requirement of the volume of the term paper will be failed.
  4. The body of the term paper is expected to be constructed logically. Every chapter related with the research, methodology, argumentation, etc should be written in the separate part. Every new idea should be placed into the independent and logical paragraph. Such a composition will demonstrate the student’s ability to organize the text logically and will also solve the problem of space a little bit.
  5. The conclusion of the term paper should be written on the last 10th page and the student is supposed to summarize the problem in the professional way. One should share the problems he has faced while composing the text and what he has learnt useful for the personal development and outlook. Finally, it is important to convince the reader in the importance of the problem and show that it is really relevant and disturbing.

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