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Identity Theft Term Paper


Paper on Identity Theft:

Identity theft is the phenomenon of the use of the personal information about the individual with the purpose of receiving the material profit. The term “identity theft” was introduced in 1964 directly at the time when the problem started to become more and more serious.

The phenomenon of the identity theft appeared in the second part of the 20th century with the introduction of the services which did not require the personal participation of the client on the definite place of the deal. For example, it was possible to ring the person up and learn her Social Security number to identify the identity of the person. Of course, the system is based on the moral values, honesty and trust, but numerous criminals take advantage of the opportunity to learn about the personal information of an individual and borrow money in a bank, purchase something expensive, get access to the banking account, etc.

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Nowadays, many efforts have been taken to solve the problem, but unfortunately, the risk of identity theft remains. An average American has the risk to learn about the theft of his identity of about 2%. The market of theft identity has become so well-organized and well-managed, that it is possible to purchase the personal information, like Social Security number in the US, National Insurance number and National Health Service number in the UK on the black markets for no more than 16 and 30 dollars. The issue is really serious and everyone is afraid of becoming the victim of the illegal access to his information by the third people.

Identity theft is a crime which can be very troublesome for the victim of the criminals who steal the identity for their own benefit. The student should pay attention at the core aspects of the problem, learn about the roots of the problem, the mechanism of theft, the negative consequences of the action, etc. The most important advantage of every term paper or essay of this kind will be the use of the several definite cases of identity theft in order to illustrate how the criminals steal information and how they use this information for their own benefit. In order to conclude the paper professionally, one should compare the most frequent purposes of identity theft and demonstrate the geography of the problem.

Term paper is a complicated assignment which is supposed to check the student’s ability to analyze facts and solve the problem in the appropriate way. The student is able to take advantage of a free identity theft term paper example in order to learn how to research the problem correctly. With the help of a free identity theft term paper sample one can understand how to construct the text and analyze the issue professionally.

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