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Internal Conflict Example Essay


In modern society, the right and wrong are subjective terms. The personal perception of beliefs and ideals can have opposite meaning from a different perspective. For instance, what is wrong to me can be right to someone else. Human beings experience different forms and nature of internal conflicts based on these principles. One part of our being longs for a given state of life while the other desires the complete opposite. This phenomenon is a manifestation of the society, and these elements expose their lives. When Zadie Smith was young, she used to live as a free spirit based on her natural mother tongue. However, she stepped into an institution where she was taught to speak in a socially conventional way. This moment changed her life. She was alone with no clear vision of where her true identity exists. In a similar situation, the experience of Olive garden restaurant illustrates this internal impasse. Rosner and Smith argue that historical relevance is an important guiding agent in the process to deal with these internal conflicts created by external factors.

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Zadie Smith
I’m not black…I’m multiracial…. Why should I have to choose between them?… It’s not white people who are making me choose…. No—it’s black people who always have to make everything racial. They’re the ones making me choose. They’re the ones who are telling me I can’t be who I am….

By using the Obama example, Smith shows that people do not need to reject their true nature and identity. They should mold it to fit into society. Her best rendition of internal conflict is the use of Obama’s political personality to illustrate the concept of speaking in tongues. People tend to adopt different personalities, behaviors, and voices based on circumstances that comprise a blending strategy to help them fit in a big and complicated community. Obama was particular with the choices of his words. He used ‘we’ more often than he used ‘I’ in his campaigns or public addresses since he tried to associate his personality with his followers. ‘I’ always includes that ‘me mentality’ that tends to distinguish self from others. It is an effective way to blend in. It is a logical answer to the question. Obama was multiracial, and he could speak British, Kansas, Harvard nerd, and even Kenyan. If he chose a vocal tone that would put one of these sides of him on a pedestal, he would alienate the others. This choice would be unacceptable and harmful from a societal perspective. However, his talent in using different albeit contrasting vocal tones was a blessing and a curse at the same time. He could intermingle with any group of people, though he was seen as a double agent. People could not trace real intentions and loyalty. This situation exposes the same person that has influenced and inspired by different Americans and the world. These influential and powerful speeches caused a change in his political career. Internal conflicts happen since individuals want to stay relevant in the society. Smith illustrates this problem in the case of Joyce-a black girl who has a rich cultural heritage. A typical Joyce wonders; people see that society forces them into self-doubt based on these sentiments. It tries to mold the person into the idealized image that conforms to conventional ways of the community. The society is a reference to the most vocal subgroup. Joyce is forced into a position of self-doubt by blacks who feel that she should not abandon her colored heritage. However, she will abandon her white heritage, and there is nothing wrong with her background.

Helen Rosner
I have many reasons to love Olive Gardens, however, the outstanding one despite its sticky pasta and maladaptive is its kale-forward response to modern food culture. All its outlets have a distinctive layout that I love so much and cannot be compared to any other. The outlets are many, but, there is only one Olive Garden, regardless of the thousand doors.

Rosner can solve her predicament by comparing these notions to her childhood experiences. She recalls her favorite Olive Garden that is located in Matteson, Illinois. It was nearby a Quality Inn and Suites next to the I-57 interchange. The girl has always been loyal to the restaurant outfit and other dining experience, and she should conform to the standards of this particular. She states that there are one of the reasons why she loves the restaurant; The above statement may sound ironic or contradictory concerning the fact that she has already stated the Matteson outlet as her childhood favorite. The love for this restaurant-the place with a thousand doors comes from her childhood. Her dining experiences at the Matteson restaurant shaped her mentality of the ideal Olive Garden restaurant. It is an intricate part of her. Whenever she enters into Olive Garden restaurant, she expects to find the same fettuccine alfredo, a three-way sampler of lasagna, and chicken parm. The restaurant changes its menu to conform to its business structure; it forces her into a position of the self impasse. She categorically stated given her two-decade absence from any Olive Garden restaurant; she longs for the old delicacies still embedded in her youthful memories. On the other part, her old self wants to try new things. Even though it is possible to have both, it is difficult to pledge allegiance to both in equal measure. However, remaining true to one’s roots smoothens the transition.

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