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Sales Report Presentation Example


This report presents a comprehensive sales approach to vending the insect-based foods manufactured by Cimex. The text is mostly written as if it directly addresses a prospective customer. Moreover, it endeavors to proceed in a logical fashion from discovery and question to the ultimate entreaty for the client to complete the sale.

The haves, wants, and gap must first be documented. The haves in the company’s favor are the knowledge of how to manufacture insect-based foods that are both tasty and nutritious. They have conducted research into controlled farming techniques that enable the primary protein source—crickets—to be raised and harvested in known conditions. The wants operate from both the company’s and the consumer’s perspective. Obviously, the company’s wants are to vend the product and become fabulously wealthy, whereas the consumer’s ultimate want is to procure food that is inexpensive, nutritious, good-tasting, and easy to prepare. This may require overcoming some appreciable social taboos in the case of the insect-based products vended by Cimex. The gap that exists lies between the acceptability of the food to the American consumer and the knowledge on the company’s part that the food, once accepted, will likely become a strong seller and lead to upwardly mobile marketing opportunities.

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“I can hardly doubt that you have limited exposure to insect-based foods. Perhaps the concept sounds altogether revolting to you. You may or may not be aware that snacks such as chocolate-covered ants and grasshoppers have been popular in Thailand for centuries (Wiens). While Thais are obviously not Americans, they have the same nutritional needs and wants as you. Moreover, their physiologies are quite the same, and food that they find healthy and nutritious will provide the same bountiful benefits to discriminating American consumers such as yourself. Within our ever shrinking, increasingly multicultural world, I am certain you have sampled the cuisines of nations all around the world. By trying insect-based foods, you won’t be doing anything that a variety of peoples—numbering in the millions—rely upon for fundamental nutrition nearly every day.

“Eating insects is something that has been done all over the world for many years. American consumers may find this peculiar, but different animals are eaten all over the world. For example, Southern Chinese eat snakes and turtles, while various South American peoples raise capybaras, hundred-plus-pound guinea pigs, in captivity. Questioning the nutritional value of the food, I can assure that insect meat is high in protein, low in cholesterol, and, moreover, low in the additives and hormones that one finds in commercially farmed livestock. This is because insects, as a fairly primitive life form, are less susceptible to the broad array of diseases that attack more traditional American livestock. Questioning the taste of the food, I can only point out, by way of comparison, how long taste engineering has come along in the past several decades. Food scientists are able to manufacture vegetable and soybean burgers that taste almost exactly like beef (Chaey) and to render quinoa—healthy, but overwhelmingly bitter—into a form that has made it a firm favorite among many health-conscious persons (Slater). Cimex has already managed to engineer a broad array of cricket-based foods that exhibit a multitude of flavors and textures, including entrees, snack foods, and even nutrition supplements. We have no doubt but that you will find our products eminently acceptable, even exciting, if you are willing to try them.

“The need for the product is obvious for a variety of reasons. You have, no doubt, heard of the greenhouse gas crisis that is threatening our planet. Commercially farmed livestock belch methane into the atmosphere at a rate that is contributing appreciably to global warming. At the same time, while the volume of poultry farming is increasing, many chickens, ducks, and turkeys are kept crowded together unto such unsanitary conditions that outbreaks of salmonella and other potentially lethal diseases are hardly unknown. At the same time, while fish are a critically important supply of high-protein, low-cholesterol food, there is a significant problem with their supply. Specifically, some nations have all but picked the seas clean of wild fish. On the other hand, those fish that are commercially farmed do not provide nearly the nutritional value of wild-caught ocean fish. This means that fish are an ever less attractive option for a protein staple. The only remanent logical alternative is insect-based protein.

“Recognizing the myriad problems associated with other foods, the variety and taste of our insect-based products, and the need for everyone to “think green” and move toward environmentally sustainable foodstuffs, won’t you try some of our products? We have an astonishing array of foods that you can eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We have a broad variety of snacks as well. The common element among all of these foods is that they offer significant protein content and low fat content, meaning that they offer maximal nutrition with few of the drawbacks commonly associated with more traditional meat sources. Won’t you please give our Cimex products a whirl and discover how you can supplement your diet with first-quality food that is maximally healthy and promotes environmental sustainability for all.”

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