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Lesson Planning Essay


Review Internet Resources
Nowadays the problem of food culture healthy way of life is getting to be increasingly important. Naturally, such trends affect education and may be a primary concern of lesson plans. At the same time, the wide spread of Internet and IT provides the possibility to use new technologies in developing efficient lesson plan.

In this respect, speaking about the problem of food culture it is possible to dwell upon the following websites Healthy Meals Resource system (1) and The Food Guide Pyramid (2). The former website is oriented on children at the age of 8-10 and it suggests plenty of information about child nutrition programs. To put it more precisely, the site contains information as for proper nutrition of children that may be very helpful in the classroom.

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At the same time, the website may be efficiently used in the classroom because children may receive a lot of useful information as for the food safety or special diets. The latter is particularly important since nowadays the problem of obesity is one of the most serious challenges the contemporary health system face and children should learn from the early age the proper food culture and if they have already got some health problems be concerned about their diet. The information presented in the website is quite precise and any topic may be found easily.

As for the Food Guide Pyramid (2), this website may be also used in the lesson planning when the problem of food culture is concerned. This website is also oriented on 8-10 years old children and it provides ample information about nutrition at different age. The main useful products are discussed and the website emphasizes at the necessity to consume the essential products. In this respect, it is very important that the advantages of the products constituting food pyramid are listed accurately in the site and children are getting to be more motivated to eat healthy food.

At the same time, the site contains information about every day illnesses and injuries, including those caused by wrong food consumption, that is very important for children, since they can realize the negative consequences of the violation of the recommendations listed in the food pyramid. Finally, this website is simply interesting for children to surf since it also contains the game closet, the children’s health problems, etc. Thus, children would probably log on this website not only in the classroom but after school as well.

Finally, another important website is Why Exercise is Cool (3). This website deals with the problem of children’s health and is oriented on the children at the age of 8-10. This website may be efficiently used in the classroom since it teaches children the healthy way of life and emphasizes the necessity of energetic exercises, games and training. Each exercise is accurately discussed and its positive effects are emphasized. In this respect, this website is similar to the previously discussed one. Also, it should be pointed out that both sites can be in Spanish that is particularly important for the communities where Latin American culture is widely spread.

Thus, the website discussed above, may be quite efficiently used in the classroom due to their reliability, accuracy and necessary information concerning children’s health.

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