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Marketing Ethics Term Paper


Paper on Marketing Ethics:

Marketing ethics is a type of marketing that is characterized with moral attitude towards business and with care about consumers and quality of production. Obviously, the main aim of every businessperson is to earn as much money as possible and very few people care about the safe ways of earning of their money and about the effect of their company on society, natural environment and human health. Marketing ethics is a new approach towards the problem of business, because nowadays more and more firms and big corporations pay attention to social issues and the quality of their products. Naturally, every company is obliged to provide consumers with full information about the origin and quality of its goods and services. This information will help consumers decide whether they actually need this product and whether it is better to buy the same object at other places.

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Of course, marketing ethics is quite a controversial issue, because business persons still care about their profit but not about human health and social problems. Therefore, marketing ethics is often associated with hypocrisy, because corporations pretend that they care about people but the actual truth is completely different. Naturally, many companies are active sponsors of sports competitions or they donate money into hospitals and research centers in order to improve their prestige and to demonstrate their morality on public. They support public organizations in order to receive loyalty from officials and to carry out their business swimmingly, in spite of the fact that their production is harmful for human health or that it pollutes natural environment.

Marketing ethics is a good topic for research if a student is interested in different forms of marketing and wants to prepare a term paper for college. One should read about marketing ethics in the Internet and look through a great number of sources that will reveal the whole problem in detail.

Obviously, students should explain the meaning of marketing ethics; define its major components, its principles and its importance for business and human society. A good term paper should contain up-to-date information about marketing ethics and students have to evaluate this topic objectively and observe it on the examples of a few case studies about this type of marketing.

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