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Master Degree Statement of Purpose Sample


I’m interested in obtaining the Master of Science in Systems Architecture and Engineering from USC for two major reasons. Firstly, in order to further advance in my career, I need to acquire the knowledge and skills offered by this course. I believe that the ability to make decisions in the modern technical environment is of great value to a specialist.     

I strongly deem that my expertise is sufficient enough to fully absorb to contents of the course. I have 9 years of relevant professional experience in diverse environments. I have been employed in the capacity Network Engineer/Tech Support for Ericsson, System Engineer for Zarlink Semiconductor, and Software Engineer for Oberman, Tivoli, Miller & Pickert and Northrop Grumman. Presently, I’m working for the Boeing Company in the position of Embedded Software Engineer. As my duties include reconfiguration, maintenance, and development of the army common operating system, I felt the need to deepen my knowledge of systems architecture and engineering. Better and broader knowledge in this field would have enabled me to fulfill my obligations at work more effectively and perform my daily activities more quickly and skillfully.

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The employment for the Boeing Company opened numerous opportunities for promotion, both within and outside the company. In the nearest future, I’ll be looking for a position that combines managerial responsibilities yet still requires strong technical background. In order to be successful in such a position, I definitely have to take this course. Such subjects as Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects, Project Cost Estimating, Control, Planning, and Scheduling, or Management of Engineering Teams will give me a much-needed insight into the managerial issues that surround Systems Engineering. At the same time, other subjects provide with in-depth technical knowledge I’m also interested in.

I’ve already taken a number of related courses (i.e. Quality Management System Awareness and Policies and Processes Awareness) yet none of them gave me the complete knowledge of the thematic areas I wish to learn about.

Therefore, I strongly deem that at the given stage of my life and career I need to pursue this degree with a view to enhance my knowledge of the abovementioned issues.    

My second reason for applying is concerned with the design and contents of the course itself. Its interdisciplinary nature and integrated perspective make this course the most attractive option out of many courses offered. The broad choice of Specialization Tracks will enable me to agree upon the set of subject most suitable for my self-development and future career.   

I’m truly looking forward to learning from industry experienced instructors who can offer both theoretical and practical information to the students. Regular meetings with industry experts can also contribute to that greatly; moreover, such contacts can help student develop a broad network of business contacts, which is a big plus in the modern business environment.        

Furthermore, USC has an excellent reputation in the academic community. It’s specifically famous for its strong technical faculties. It will be a great honor for me to attend a university with such an excellent record.   

Thank you for considering my application.
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