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Memory Management Term Paper


Paper on Memory Management:

Memory management is the part of the computer program (application software or operating system) which is aimed at the management of the computer memory. For example, when the computer requires memory to fulfil certain operations, the processes of memory management provides the computer with the free place on computer data storage and the operation is conducted efficiently. Memory managers often create a certain hierarchy: the low level managers apply certain processes to supply the computer with the spare memory and reduce the pressure on the managers of the upper levels of the memory system. The upper level of the hierarchy is represented by the system memory manager, which is the integral part of the operating system; the lower level is the process memory manager which supplies the definite process with enough memory to fulfil it; and the lowest level of the system is represented by the specialized manager which fulfils the definite limited tasks.

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A computer possesses a complicated memory structure and it is important to operate different types of memory in the effective way. For example, if the computer has to find a block of memory of store data of the software, it can use RAM and other components which are not occupied by data yet.

When the program does not require a block of memory anymore, it can be used by other programs and processes. So, memory management fulfils the important duty of sharing and distributing the free memory blocks among the components and elements of the system which require data storage for their appropriate work.

Memory management is the complicated process which is aimed at the appropriate management of the blocks of memory of the computer. The student who is interested is IT and programming is able to improve his knowledge in the technical organization of the process of memory management and complete an effective an original term paper about it. It is wise to read the reliable sources about the problem in order to prepare a professional and well-structured term paper. The student should observe the components of the system on memory management, its duties, functions, methods, strong and weak sides, the types of memory management systems and importance of this process for the appropriate functioning of every computer.

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