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Personality Psychology Term Paper


Paper on Personality Psychology:

Personality psychology is the branch is psychology which studies personality and various individual processes. The major aim of personality psychology is to create a universal image of a personality and her interrelation with the world life, society and other people. Moreover the spiritual aspects of life and individual differences are studied there. Personality psychology is a very wide science which touches upon all the spheres of the human psychology and the human activity in different social situations. To begin with, personality psychology studies the long way of the human development, so that studies the peculiarities of the psychological development of the human being on every stage of her life. Evidently, the psychics of the human being is totally different on different stages of life, for example, the psychics of a child is not the same as of the grownup one.

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The second important branch or field of study is psychoanalysis, which dwells on the inner peculiarities of the human psychics trying to understand the roots of the human behaviour, emotions, etc. Then, there is the study about humanistic psychology which focuses on the place of the human being in the world and reveals the human value and originality. Behavioural psychology studies the peculiarities of the human behaviour in different situations and on different stages of the human life. Finally, personality psychology touches upon the psychopathology of the human being; reveals the roots, cause and effect of psychological disorders and the methods of their treatment. Obviously, personality psychology had its top development in the 20th century when the value or the human being increased in the society.

Personality psychology is the important issue for the research because it dwells on the study of the human psychics and its elements. The problem is observed in the circle of the human society and on the individual level. The discipline is very broad and the student is able to focus on the selected matters of the topic. One will need to explain the importance and relevance of personality psychology, its branches, structure, the brightest personalities related with the discipline; the purpose and functions of the science and its methodology. The student is expected to compose a well-structured and informative term paper which would cover much information about the relevant issues.

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