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Music Censorship Term Paper


Paper on Music Censorship:

Music censorship is the practice of the restricted access towards the music compositions because of various reasons. The practice of music censorship has always been very popular, especially when the genre of music has become not an art but the kind of business and the part of the massive culture.

The phenomenon of censorship is music appeared approximately in the middle of the 20th century, and there were many reasons of this fact. Not only the separate music compositions are censored but the whole music bands in different parts of the world. Most often music is censored because of the use in its lyrics offensive words which are supposed to be rude, inhumane and violent. Moreover, if the text includes words and phrases about the support of the controversial ideas, inhumane and antisocial activity, such songs can be restricted.

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Most often the songs which contain rude and offensive words are not transmitted over the radio and the musicians have to change the text for the mass listener making radio versions of their songs, which change from the official album ones. The same problem occurs with the misheard words, when there are no offensive words in the song, but the listener can hear something similar to it. As a result the text has to be changed by the musician. Music bands have been censored in the middle of the 20th century for their different worldview which was observed in their lyrics. For example, many bands were censored because of their anti-monarch worldview, the support of the human rights, the critics of the totalitarian government of their country, anti-religious views, etc. Nowadays the phenomenon of censorship in music still exists all over the world.

Music censorship is the important problem for the research and the student is able to observe the issue from all sides and define the positive and negative sides of the practice of the restrictions of songs and music bands. The young professional is asked to explain the reasons of music censorship and how it influences the human society. One must not observe only the songs containing rude words, bit also pay attention to the political text and activity of the musicians in the spheres behind music. The issue should be analyzed from all sides and the student is expected to draw the wise conclusions.

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