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National Security Term Paper


Paper on National Security:

National security is the protection of the essential interests of an individual, the society and the country in various spheres of its life from the inner and outer threats and maintains the development of the country. In the broader meaning it is the protection of a personality, the society and the country from the political, economical, social, military, ecological, informational and other threats. Finally, national security is the ability of the country to satisfy the needs of its people, maintain its development and self-regeneration and self-improvement without the risk to the basic values and its current condition. The problem of national security appeared after the numerous tragedies and sad lessons of the two world wars, which showed that the low level of national security can be fatal for the people and whole state.

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Of course, the main understanding of national security is connected with the war and military service, the power of the country. In fact, national security is a bit broader term which touches upon the problems which have nothing to do with military conflicts. The government and the executive powers of the country are supposed to provide people with social protection, health care, environmental protection (cope with and prevent environmental disasters and their results), economical protection (maintain the appropriate financial background of an individual), energetic protection (provide the country with energy and natural resources), informational protection (provide the access to information and filter the information which can cause harm to the country), protection from crimes, maintenance of independence and sovereignty, etc.

National security is the important problem which touches upon every branch of the life of the country and requires deep research and effective discussions. If one is interested in the research of the topic based on national security, he will have to devote much time to collect data on the topic and analyze it well. First of all a student will have to explain the topic from all sides and present the core elements of national security and explain the importance of the phenomenon. One should enumerate and explain the methodology of the research and share the literature review part with the professor in order to present the amount of the fulfilled work. Finally, one is expected to conclude the paper professionally and evaluate the importance and relevance of the topic.

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