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Term Paper on Nervous System


System Term Paper:

Nervous system is the functional set of various interconnected nervous structures, which regulates the activity of all the functions of the human body and reactions to the changes in the inner and outer environment. Nervous system works as the integral system connecting sensibility, moving activity and the work of the other regulatory systems (immune and endocrine) into the single unit. Nervous system is responsible for the reaction of the human body on the irritants of the inner and outer space of the body. It possesses the ability to convert and generate energy of the inner and outer environment and transform it into the nervous process. Furthermore, the nervous system has one of the most essential qualities to remember information in the brain.

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The nervous system consists of neurons. Neurons are the fundamental and essential elements of the central and peripheral nervous system and they are characterized as the calls which are able to generate and transmit electric impulses all over the human body. Neurons possess different form and size and possess such parts as axons and dendrites. There are several short dendrites in a neuron, which transmit the impulses to the body of the neuron. There is also an axon which transmits impulses from the body of the neuron to other cells (muscles and neurons). The transmission of the chemical and electrical impulses from a neuron to other cells is possible due to the specific contacts – synapses. There are also other cells in the nervous system called neuroglia. They play the important assisting role and maintain the quality and appropriate condition of the central and peripheral nervous system.

Nervous system is one of the systems of the human body which maintain the life on the human organism and its appropriate working condition. When one is asked to complete a good nervous system term paper, he will have to spend much time to collect enough information about the topic and learn about the structure of the nervous system and its functions. A student is required to analyze the topic from all sides and complete a logical and well-organized paper which contains all the essential chapters, like methodology and bibliography. In the end, one is expected to conclude the paper well and evaluate the role of the nervous system for the human life.

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