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Personal Strategy Essay Example


has a desire to get to somewhere from where they are currently to where they intend to be in the future. Strategy involves planning and organizing an individual’s action plan to achieve what he or she has vested interests. Having a personal strategy is as important as having a business strategy, which is seen towards achieving individual’s goals and benefits. Many people are negligent of the need to have a strategy that is suitable to the running of an individual’s life.

Research indicates that it is only twenty two per cent of all people that have written personal strategies that help manage their lives. The research findings also indicate that the business strategies that are developed for running businesses are not implemented for on the individual’s lives.

Mission Statement
Operating with a mission statement is the first step towards developing ones personal strategy. Only the best for the future is the mission statement that I intend to work with. It is factual that organizations and individuals that operate without well without sound strategies are likely to go bankrupt. As a result, individuals and organizations and are slated to fail because of the lack of a sound working plan. Businesses require strong strategic plans to function properly this is evidenced as the businesses are unlikely to survive because of the lack of working proposals. Individuals were also found to go through a number of stressful issues because of the lack of a plan. The individuals are normally found in situations whereby they are unable to make essential decisions that can make a difference in their lives.

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This translates to the inability of individuals to give convincing answers to individuals who require the answers. The lack of a personal strategy leads to a cloudy career path because a lot of time is wasted when deciding what an individual intends to do with his or her life. An individual is usually preoccupied with activities that are not beneficial to his or her life. They are always doing things that can influence the society positively such as volunteering in community activities.

Long term and short-term goals
The goals for the accomplishment of essential things in an individual’s life include career fulfillment. Career fulfillment is the most essential goal for most individuals especially many individuals who just out of campus. Short-term goals include accomplishments of short-term career objectives that span over six months or less. A short-term objective may also involve ensuring that the management recognizes ones effort as an essential employee in an organization. Short term and long-term goals are essential in shaping the immediate and future of the individuals.

Individuals are greatly affected by the relationships they created faded away or did not make a substantial to their lives. People can nurture their everyday forces that lead them where to go to when they make a decision that should make an impact in their lives. A personal strategy acts as a bridge that closes the gap that exists in people’s lives.

Strengths, Weaknesses and Threats
There are a number of strengths and weaknesses associated with the development of a personal strategy. The strengths include the ability to discover, differentiate decide and design. An individual with an elaborate personal strategy also has the drive to go through a bridge that is created as a result of the development of strategies. The weaknesses involve the inability for individuals to implement the plans of a personal strategy. They may also be lacking in the ability to drive through the issues that are barriers to them.

The gaps represent the threats that are missing in people’s lives and the things that people desire to have in their lives but they cannot have them. This caused by the inability of individuals to make the right choice in their lives that can enable them achieve much in their lives. People desire such things as success in their careers, healthier lifestyles, good families and great spiritual experiences. The lack of personal strategy is likely to lead to a stressful life, while a personal strategy can also help do away with the issues.

The implementation of the personal strategies is the final step to the development of the whole person. The implementation should incorporate the mission and vision of the personal strategy. The personal strategy is developed as a result of the desire to achieve much in their lives. Personal strategies help individuals go around barriers that they face in their daily life experiences. The barriers include real and perceived adversaries, and stubborn coworkers. Financial difficulties, weakening relationships and health issues such as obesity are also issues of concern for many individuals.

The existence of a working personal profile is not limited by the issues that act as bears to the accomplishment of essential issues. People are viewed to be powerless without elaborate and working personal strategies. People have no clear ways that can enable them go around the issues that affect them especially when they risk falling into the said gaps. The barriers are also clear issues that deny them personal development. The bridges or strategies are meant to enable individuals to accomplish the things that are dearest to them. A bridge to close the gap that represents the barriers the individual faces in their lives is created with the personal plans.

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