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Term Paper on Descartes


is the French philosopher, mathematician, physicist, physiologist, the creator of the analytical geometry and modern algebraic symbols. Descartes was born in the end of the 16th century and worked actively in the 17th. He comes from the ancient noble family which lost its money, but it did not prevent him to receive proper education. In quite a young age Rene Descartes became interested in mathematics and physics.

Being a philosopher, he managed to interpret his philosophical visions, ideas and theories on the field of mathematics. He is supposed to be the creator of the coordinate system which was the first step of the creation of the 2 and 3 dimension graphs and figures. Descartes managed to introduce numerous contributions into the science and without his work the modern mathematics would have lost a lot. Speaking about the connection of Descartes with mechanics and physics one should admit that he was mainly interested in mechanics and optics and the structure of the Universe.

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In comparison with metaphysics the physics of Descartes was the material one and he researched the physical structure of the material criticizing his predecessors. The contribution into physiology is also quite serious, because he discovered the nature and mechanism of reflexes and affects, which are very important for psychology and its research. The philosophic views of Descartes are rational.

He said that one can understand the world and its structure only with the help of his intelligence. The philosophy is also full of sceptical ideas and critique of the previous philosophic trends. Descartes also made an attempt to prove the existence of God but his attitude towards religion in the last years of his life became negative.

Rene Descartes is one of the most famous French philosophers and mathematicians who have made a considerable contribution into the human society, worldview and science. If the student is interested in the research of the problem, he is expected to read about the life and work of Rene Descartes and evaluate his influence of the humanity. It is important to compare his philosophic thoughts to the other philosophers and find the pluses and minuses of his ideas. In the end the student is to judge the role of Descartes in philosophy and science objectively and conclude the paper properly.

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