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Problem Solution Essay Sample


a problem or challenge you have faced, and describe the process you went through to solve the problem

The problem at hand is the opiates-addiction of my brother and the effect that has had to my family. My brother works for my father as a salesman, so that has had a serious effect on my father – financially and mentally, seeing him every day not at his highest potential.

After reviewing the problem at hand, even though it has a much higher personal effect for me, I approached my father to solver to problem. I followed the process outlined in psychotherapy (Lambert, 2008):

Data collection: my intention, as proposed by (William Hanson, 2005), was to have multiple methods in collecting my information (qualitative and quantitative). Due to the sensitivity of the task and the tight connection to all affected that was the most difficult part. My brother had been addicted to opiates for a long period of time already and had financial independence to purchase the drugs as he was working for my father.

Based on the data above, I was able to prepare an action plan. If my father would cut the financial independence that my brother had, that would force him to quit his drug addiction as he would not be able to purchase the drugs. On the other hand, my father was really insecure to that, fearing that it would have dire consequences for my brother and might sharpen his addiction and he was also insecure to take such direct action.

Therefore, in order to implement my action plan, I had to convince my father that this was the only course of action that had to be taken otherwise my brother could get health problems that could result to death or he could get arrested. That was why it was important for my father to cut my brother off financially in order for him to start therapy.

After serious struggle, my father settled to give my brother an ultimatum to either start treatment or to be cut off financially. As much as it was difficult for my father to communicate that, even more so it was arduous for my brother to start the treatment, but he did.

The current results cannot be measured, but, definitely, my brother was saved from hitting the bottom due to my intervention and persistence.

The issue that I shared solving was dealing with my brother’s drug-addiction. I developed my plan according to the plan in regular counseling (Lambert, 2008) my first step was to collect the data to solve the issue – it was that my brother was financially-independent as he was working for my father.

My proposed action was for my father to cut my brother financially in order for him to stop buying opiates. It was a very difficult decision for my father, but he implemented my suggestion and placed an ultimatum before my brother. As current results from my efforts and counseling, my brother is in an extensive outplacement therapy and has been saved.

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