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Professional Development Term Paper


Development Term Paper:

Professional development is the process of the improvement of the skills required for the fulfillment of the certain type of job. Every profession requires special knowledge and skills in order to cope with the tasks well and it is obvious that one can not possess all these skills from the very beginning but gains them in the process of development gaining experience. The process of professional development is quite time and energy consuming, because one should work much in order to automate the skills and cope with the work well. Every organization provides professional development courses, which are aimed at the improvement of the employees’ qualification and quality of their work. The necessity of professional development appeared not so long ago, approximately in the middle of the 20th century with the development of the great multinational corporations which require qualified employees who possess rich knowledge, experience and well-developed skills.

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Naturally, the problem of professional development touches upon everyone, because every profession requires improvement of knowledge and working techniques and methods. So, teachers, military officers, clerks, representatives of such services as the police, health care, etc are involved into the process. There are several methods which are used to insure the process of professional development, for example, consultation, coaching, the method of the solution of a case study, mentoring, reflective supervision, etc. So, everyone who expects to build his career rapidly and successfully will have to develop such traits as creativity, responsibility, leadership, etc and cope with the courses of professional development suggested by the special organizations or the administration of the organization.

Professional development is the essential factor, which guarantees the quality of the staff, work and production and success of the company because only top-qualified employees can cope with the work well and bring profit to the company. A well-organized term paper on professional development is supposed to explain the problem from all sides and describe all the approaches to the research, the aspects and problems of professional development, its types and value. Furthermore, the student should prove the relevance of the topic and analyze it from all sides concluding it well.

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