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Attachment Theory Term Paper


Theory Term Paper:

Attachment theory illustrates the dynamics of the long-term human relations. The most important point of the attachment theory is the fact that a child requires a caretaker for the normal social and emotional development. The theory also describes how the relations of parents and a child influence psychological condition of the latter. Attachment theory is a interdisciplinary study which embraces theory and practice of psychology, pedagogy, evolution theory and ethology. The theory was developed after the World War 2, when the problem of the relations between parents and children became extremely urgent. Millions of children all over the world were deprived of parental care and love, because their parents died or got lost during the war.

Since that time the problem of orphans and homeless children has become deeply analyzed and studied.

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The theory explains that a good caretaker is extremely important for the development of a child, because without attention, love and care it will be difficult for the child to survive the process of socialization. Due to the serious research the psychologists have investigated that during the period of 6 months and 2 years a child gets used to the person who loves and cares of him. The child starts to follow the caretaker and can not stay without him long. Attachment theory also touches upon the problem of loss, for example if the child loses his caretaker; the theory describes the certain types of behavior which become typical for the child. On the other hand the problem of loss makes the child stronger and more flexible for the successful socialization.

The topic of attachment theory is quite interesting for the research, because it touches upon the important questions related with the child’s psychology. A successful term paper on attachment theory is supposed to contain interesting and up-to-date facts about the problem and explain the core aspects of the theory. The student should dwell on the nature of attachment theory, study its purpose, methodology, research approach, scope of research, famous scholars, etc. One should analyze the topic in detail and evaluate the importance and relevance of the topic and conclude it professionally.

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