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Prostate Cancer Term Paper


Paper about Prostate Cancer:

Prostate cancer is the tumor which occurs from the epithelium in prostate and affects the male reproductive system negatively. Prostate cancer, like any other type of cancer causes harm to the human health and even life. Prostate cancer is the most widespread type of cancer among men and its frequency is about 10% of all cases on cancer. This disease is the major reason of the death among the elderly men. In the USA prostate cancer is the third most frequent cause of death among the people suffering from cancer.

There are several reasons which cause prostate cancer: age hormonal changes, genetic predisposition (in about 40% of the cases prostate cancer is inherited), misbalance of nutrients (the constant insufficiency of vitamin D is a serious cause of cancer), chronic intoxication with cadmium, and virus XMRV.

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Furthermore, prostate cancer can be caused by the human lifestyle, for example, if the young man has started his sexual life early, the risk of the tumor is high. The most well-known symptoms of prostate cancer are: frequent urination with the feeling that the bladder is still full; increased urination at night (the patient visits water closet several times per night); painful urination and blood in urine, the additional efforts to make the stream of urine steady. Of course, these symptoms can be confused with other diseases, but the patient should bear in mind that it can be cancer. Prostate cancer is cured with the help of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, ultrasound, hormonal therapy, castration (during aggressive cancer) and the combination of several methods for the improvement of the result.

Prostate cancer is a serious and relevant problem for the research, because it is supposed to be one of the most widespread types of cancer. The student is expected to collect information about the disease, its origin, its cause, symptoms, the effect of tumor on the human organism, etc. It is important to mention how the disease is diagnosed and how it can be cured or prevented efficiently.

Moreover, one can share with the reader the risk factors of the men who are at the risk of falling ill with prostate cancer in different age. One should describe all possible therapies and evaluate their effectiveness in the process of treatment.

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