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Real Estate Term Paper


Paper on Real Estate:

Real estate is the territory which belongs to an individual and the latter is able to use it and its resources in the way he wants. According to the laws of the US real estate is the area and the natural resources which can be found there, though in the majority of the countries real estate is only the surface of the area and natural resources (water, trees, oil, etc) belongs still to the public property of the country but not to the owner of the land.

Real estate is a complicated issue in the law system of every country and the land is always a severe topic of discussions and argues. Of course, real estate is not only the land but other objects. In the narrower meaning real estate is simply one’s apartment, cottage, terraced house, etc. which belongs to individual. In this case the owner has the right to control over the building but the land is most often rented.

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There are many types of residential real estate and every type has its own peculiarities. There are different types of houses, for example, one or two-family houses, multiple-family houses, etc. One can also mention such constructions as houseboats, various mobile homes which can be carried to any part of the world with the help of the automobile, tents and other constructions. All kinds of constructions still belong to somebody and there are laws which regulate their existence and rules of their exploitation. Real estate is the most valuable type of property, because the constant growth of population increases the demand in homes and the territory of the planet is limited.

It is wise to learn about the issues related with real estate perfectly well in order to be aware about the laws and the principles of their work. The student is asked to prepare a quality and perfectly constructed paper which would observe the types of real estate, evaluate its functions, strong and weak sides of every construction and its price. The young professional can answer to the questions related with real estate if he researches the matter on the definite examples from the real life and on the basic of this information he will manage to draw the right conclusions.

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