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Term Paper on Separation of Church and State


Separation of Church and State Term Paper:

Separation of church and state is the form of the government of the country which is characterised with the total independence of church and political activity of the country. Till the beginning of the 20th century church influenced the politics of the country in Europe seriously. Any decision was made without the approval of church, because it had real power, finance and influence on the whole life of the state. In some countries church continues playing such a role in the life of the country and the church is the part of the governing body with its rights and authority.

Centuries ago church was probably the most powerful institution, because even the greatest monarchs had to pay attention to the will of church and act according to its recommendations and instructions. The cause of this problem was in the strong influence of religion on the humanity, so the words of the church were treated seriously.

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Of course, most often the representatives of church played their own game and accumulated capital taking advantage of their position. With the run of time many people understood that the system requires reformation and church should be separated from the state and play only spiritual, its primary role. Nowadays, church is an independent body which fulfills its cultural and spiritual functions and duties playing no role in the politics of the state. The reason of this phenomenon is also in the process of globalization, the world becomes a mixing pot and the population of every state is different and has different religious views, so it is irregular to make a single religion prior over the other ones and provide it with the governing functions.

Separation of church and state is a natural process which is the result of the current process of globalization, when the country becomes a home for the people of various ethnicities and religious views. The student is supposed to observe the issue form the historical and economic point of view in order to understand the role of church year ago and now. One should also focus on the cause of the changes and the consequences of the church’s loss of power. The problem is expected to be researched in detail and in the most objective way.

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