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Social Security Term Paper


Security Term Paper:

Social security is the system of policies conducted by the state and public organizations which are aimed at the maintenance of the appropriate conditions for life and activity of a human being. Naturally, everyone wants to life is security and have the right and opportunity to work and develop in the chosen way. The country and numerous public organizations work to support people on different levels providing them with economic, social, political and cultural rights. Social security is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which enumerates the rights of an individual.

There are many types of social security which are provided by stare and public organizations. The government of the country provides such forms of social security: affordable health care system, affordable education, retirement pensions, means of social support, the system of social services, etc.

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It is obvious that the quality of social security depends on the economic condition of the country. If the country is a developed one, it supports its people better providing them with extra help, for example, unemployment insurance, survivor benefits, etc. Furthermore, the systems of health care and education are more affordable in such countries as the value of the human life is respected. Among the public forms of social security one can mention social life insurance, charity, private systems of health care, social help, etc. It does not worth mentioning that the public social security is supported by the certain individuals and groups of people, who suggest work more in order to help the people who are in need.

Social security is the important factor which maintains the normal life of an individual in the country. Due to the well-organized system of social security it is possible to survive in the country during crisis. A good term paper on social security is supposed to explain the topic from all sides and focus on the core aspects and components of social security, its types and aims. One should define the role of social security for the people of the country and prove it on the direct live examples. Moreover, the term paper is supposed to contain literature review and methodology used for the research of the suggested topic.

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