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SWOT Analysis Term Paper


Analysis Term Paper:

SWOT analysis is the method of the strategic planning, which studies the influence of the internal and outer factors on the work on an organization. The acronym SWOT is deciphered easily and means Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The first two indicators (strengths and weaknesses) are regarded as the internal factors and the opportunities and threats are believed to be the outer factors which influence the functioning of an organization. SWOT analysis is very important for business, because if the executives of the company decide to improve the quality and the quantity of their production and increase profit, they will have to analyze the strong and the weak sides in the work of the organization and pay attention to the both factors. For example, if the company has certain weak sides, a detailed analysis and a range of innovations and improvements can normalize the situation easily.

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On the contrary, such factors as the opportunity and threat can not be controlled, because one can only predict the possible challenges waiting for the company, for example, if the popularity of the production reduces (the interest of the consumers suddenly disappears), the company will not be able to influence the customers, but simply follow their requirements and produce something else to survive on the market. The beginning of the first attempts to conduct SWOT analysis was in the 1960-ies and very often the method became widespread and even became the part of the educational process. The main task of SWOT analysis is to describe the situation in the company in detail on the basis of which the executives are supposed to draw the right conclusions and brainstorm the right solutions, because the strategy is not aimed to recommend something, but simply has the informative and descriptive function.

SWOT analysis id the basis strategy which is supposed to organize the work of the company well. A good term paper on SWOT analysis should contain up-to-date information about the analysis, its types, methods and purposes. One should evaluate the relevance of the topic and define its importance for business. The student is expected to illustrate the effectiveness of SWOT analysis on the definite examples from the real life and share the methodology and literature sources used for the research of the chosen problem.

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