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Labour Economics Term Paper


Paper on Labour Economics:

Labour economics is the discipline which studies labour relations, the conditions of the formation and use of the labour potential. It is the fundamental discipline which studies the basis of the management of economics, management, business. The discipline studies the potential of the society in the matters of the improvement of the effectiveness of the social production and the quality of life. The major task of labour economics is to research the issue of labour from all sides, study its main points, aspects and principles of its organization and management. One of the major duties of labour economics is to present the methodology of the improvement of the social and economic effectiveness of labour on the different levels of economics.

Labour economics is an important discipline which can be called the foundation of the economic system and the process of production. Labour economics regulates the relations between employers and employees, defines the norms and standards of these relations, defines the duties and rights of both sides of the economic relations, etc.

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Being the foundation of numerous other disciplines and sectors of economics labour economics studies the effect of the labour force on the improvement of the process of production and tries to understand what types of the human resources are required for the productive work. It is obvious that every branch of philosophy and economic study understands the role and meaning of labour economics in different way. The most distinct diversities between the approaches towards the labour economics have the capitalistic and communistic branches. Naturally, every branch has its positive and negative sides, but the modern understanding and the standards of the labour economics is based on the capitalistic approach.

Labour economics is a serious and important topic which can be quite useful for every student who wants to broaden his outlook and connect his life and activity with economic studies. The student is expected to explain the meaning of labour economics, define the subject and the object of the study, dwell on the structure, functions, tasks of labour economics and define the cause and effect of the problems which are related with this issue. The student should explain the understanding of labour economics from the point of view of the different economics theories and support his idea with the reliable arguments from the trustworthy sources.

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