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Term Paper about Teenage Marriage


Marriage Term Paper:

Teenage marriage is the marriage between the young people who have not reached to the age of 18. Teenage marriage is an ancient phenomenon which has existed for centuries and this problem has its cultural and religious background. It is obvious that the problem can be observed from various points of view and it is easy to find the causes of teenage marriage in the religion, tradition and social background of the young people.

Historically, teenage marriages were supposed to be a norm, because the length of the human life was shorter and centuries ago one was considered to be a grownup at the age of 13. This tradition existed not only in Europe but in Asia, especially Muslim countries, India and China and in some countries it exists even today.

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In the developed countries teenage marriage is supposed to be a problem, because if young people get married and have children (the major cause of modern marriages is pregnancy), they lose their chance to receive education and build career. Of course, the majority of teenage marriages end with a divorce, because young people are too naive and thought that their feelings were forever. In spite of pregnancy there are other factors which can lead to teenage marriage: love, strict parental control (the teenager wants to becomes independent and proves his adultery in this way), the fear to lose the boyfriend (the way to tie with the beloved forever), etc. So, teenage marriage is not just the tradition but the effect of the teenager’s psychology and the difficulties in the process of their socialization.

Teenage marriage is a thought-provoking problem for the research, because the student is able to try to understand the reasons of this type of marriage, dwell on its historic background, religious and traditional basis. One should study the frequency of teenage marriages in the world and defining the countries where the phenomenon is the most popular one. Then, one can evaluate the economic condition of the countries trying to connect the dependence of early marriages with the unfavourable financial background. Finally the student is supposed to evaluate the effect of teenage marriage on the human health, social life, career and quality of life.

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