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Term Paper on UML


Term Paper:

The Unified Modeling Language is the unified language of modeling applied in the object-oriented programming paradigm. It is the integral part of the unified process of software creation.

UML is a language of broad profile; it is an open standard which uses graphic signs for the creation of the abstract model of the system called UML-model. UML was designed for the definition, visualization, projecting and documentation of the program systems. It is not the language of programming but code generating is possible when UML-model requires a special interpreting code. The first version of UML was the world in 1997 and it was created for Object Management Group, the organization responsible for adoption of standards in the field of object technologies and databases.

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At the same time, the development of UML standard was supported by such influential IT companies as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, DEC, etc. UML can be used on all stages of the lifecycle of the business system analysis and development of application software. Wide choice of diagrams maintained by UML makes the model a universal means of description of software and business systems. The diagrams enable experts to present the system in such a way which would transform them into a code easily.

The main reason of the popularity of the model is its integrity into any system, so that different experts are able to apply it in their projects optimizing software systems and improving the quality of work and the quality of the final product. Finally, nearly all CASE-tools support UML, what makes the process of coding easier and enables programmers focus straight on the realization of the system.

UML is a worthy topic for the research which provides students with the additional knowledge on programming and code interpreting. The student is able to read about the model a lot trying to understand the issue deeper observing the details of UML, its structure, methodology, pluses and minuses, tools and application of practice. One should dwell on the matter from all sides in order to prepare a well-analyzed paper about the model. The student’s task is to observe the problem from all sides trying to think it over suggesting the improvement of UML and use in various additional branches of programming.

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