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Term Paper on Air Conditioner


Conditioner Term Paper:

Air conditioner is the device which is used to maintain all the major qualities of air (temperature and humidity) indoors and provide people with the most convenient atmosphere appropriate for live, education, work, etc. Air conditioning is used for various purposes. The most important one is the artificial maintenance of the appropriate atmosphere if it can not be altered in the natural way. Then, it is maintenance of the right air conditions indoors required in the definite seasons of the year (summer and winter). Next, it is the maintenance of the appropriate hygienic norms which improves the intensiveness of the human productiveness at the workplace. Air conditioning is the process which is supposed to help people regulate the optimal condition of the air indoors and it is conducted by the special appliance called air conditioner which has the definite structure, uses the certain technologies of conditioning and is often equipped with distance control.

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The first attempts of air conditioning systems appeared in ancient Persia and India. The engineers of that time worked out the systems of cooling Indian and Persian homes with the help of cold water in special reservoirs. The term air conditioning appeared in 1906 and since that time engineers have been improving the technologies of the existing air conditioners which are based on the work of refrigerators which use various gases in their work. Air conditioners are used not just for the regulation of temperature and humidity but mainly for the purification of the air in order to make it hygienically safe. In spite of the positive sides air conditioners have disadvantages, for example, some people can not stand the rapid change of temperature indoors and fall ill catching cold.

Air conditioner is an interesting problem for every student, because everyone should know about the peculiarities of air conditioning and its technologies. The young person is able to dwell on the history of the creation of the device, the first attempts of air conditioning in the human history; the functions and purposes of air conditioning; the pluses and minuses of the process, etc. One should study the problem in detail and think about the types of the devices aimed for the regulation of air and share the original ideas on the improvement of the device.

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