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Term Paper on Application of Analog Modulation Techniques


of Analog Modulation Techniques Term Paper:

Modulation in physics is the time alteration of the chosen properties of the regular physical processes. The practical application of modulation is the overlay of the low-frequency information signal on high-frequency signal carrier for the long-distance transmission. In order to transmit signal on long distances, they require much energy.

It is obvious that the signals with higher frequency possess more energy. On practice the signals which carry the certain information (for example, speech) have low-frequency vibrations, so in order to transmit them on the longer distances one requires to increase the frequency with the help of overlaying the informational signals of the lower frequency on the signals of the higher one. There are several types of modulation in electronics – analog, digital, pulse and miscellaneous modulation techniques.

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Analog modulation has a great number of methods which maintain the work of this type of modulation on practice. First of all it is amplitude modulation which is characterized with the fact that the amplitude of the carrier signal’s vibration is the varied property. Amplitude modulation is known to everyone as AM on radio receiver. Then, there is frequency modulation, which is characterized with the change of the carrier signal’s frequency according to the amplitude of the modulating signal at the definite moment. In comparison with the amplitude modulation the amplitude of the frequency modulation remains the same all the time. On practice one can recognize frequency modulation with the help of the letters FM on the radio receiver. Finally, there is phase modulation or PM, which is characterized with the change of the carrier signal’s phase shift.

When the student is interested about the application of analog modulation techniques, he should study about such terms as modulation, its types, functions, methodology and then focus on analog modulation and its kinds. One is able to analyze the great number of techniques of analog modulation trying to understand their differences, strong and weak sides of every method observing their application on practice. The student can analyze the topic focusing on the definite cases demonstrating the actual use of analog modulation techniques, their variety, usefulness on practice. It is natural that the student should summarize the problem professionally and share his personal professional ideas about the techniques and methods of analog modulation.

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