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Term Paper on American Airlines


Paper about American Airlines:

American Airlines is the most profitable and the biggest airline in the USA, which became the most influential and greatest airline in the world in 2013 after the merger with US Airways. The company transports the highest quantity of passengers per year. The airline serves for more than 330 million passengers every year and owns about 655 aircraft, which fulfill various types of transportation – passenger and cargo ones.

The headquarters of the airline is situated in Ford-Yort not far from the international airport in Dallas. American Airlines makes flights about the US and fulfills international flights to South America, Europe, Japan, India and China. It is supposed to be the second most profitable airline in the world after Air France-KLM.

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The history of the company dates back to the first half of the 20th century and started from 1926, when more than 80 carriers decided to unite into the single company called American Airlines. In 1930 the airline was already serious enough to make flights between the biggest cities of the US and its fleet consisted of wooden planes and metal planes Ford Trimotor. It does not worth mentioning that in the War time more than the half of the company’s aircraft was used for the military purposes and it was World War 2 which maintained the development of technologies and the quality of aircraft. The post-war period is characterized with the rapid growth and further development of American Airlines. It was one of the first airlines which started to use Boeing 707 with jet engines. Today with the merger with numerous airlines, the company occupies the leading place on the US and international market of air transportation.

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The student should focus on the major issues connected with the organization of the airline and its aircraft and the quality of its services.

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