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Term Paper on Capital Punishment


Punishment Term Paper:

Capital punishment is the most serious type of punishment which is characterized with the deprival of the criminal of his life. When a person commits a serious crime, like murdering, she can receive this type of punishment. Many years ago capital punishment was considered to be a regular sort of punishment for people who committed crimes, like murdering, robbery, rape, etc. So, a human being could be killed for the crimes which are not considered to be very serious. The aim of capital punishment was to make the people afraid of committing crimes but it is obvious that such actions can not be prevented by such means, because if a person wants to commit a crime, she will never pay attention to the fact whether the punishment is a serious one or not. With the run of time capital punishment has become abolished in the majority of the countries, because the value of human life and respect to the human being rose.

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The attitude towards capital punishment is different. Some people say that capital punishment is the best solution to all the problems, because this makes criminal afraid of committing crimes. A great number of Asian countries, including China and Muslim countries still practise capital punishment actively. The majority of people claim that capital punishment is inhumane and there are other ways to punish the criminal, for example social labour, etc.

Capital punishment is the serious and controversial topic and a student will have to spend much time and efforts to explain the aim of life penalty and analyse it from all sides. It will be wise to find all possible advantages and disadvantages of the procedure and one should prove his point of view with the direct examples from the real life. One should pay attention to the fact that the police often fail to find the real criminal and an innocent person can be killed instead of the real burglar or murderer. Having weighed all these points of the question the student should draw a reasonable conclusion supporting or criticising the practice of life penalty.

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