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Term Paper on Christology


Term Paper:

Christology is the branch of Christian theology which studies the issues related with the origin of Jesus Christ and his place in the religion of Christianity. The core problem which is observed in Christology is the relation and dominance of the human or the divine nature of Christ. There have been numerous discussions among the experts in these issues about the problem of the origin of Jesus. The one say that he is more like a common person who does not have any godlike qualities. They claim that the history made its work and created a certain image of Jesus who was supposed to the son of God but in the reality he was a common person made from flesh and blood possessing no supernatural powers. The other claim that Jesus is a real Son of God and his divine qualities dominate about the human ones. Naturally, these discussions have been lasting for more than two thousand of years but the answer has not been found yet.

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The experts in Christology pay more attention to the New Testament which describes the life and activities of Jesus Christ, Mary and the Apostles. Many scholars connect Christology with Mariology, because being the mother of Jesus Mary also has the divine traits and the research of her life can answer to all the questions related with Jesus himself. Naturally, Mariology is the prerogative of the Roman Catholics who treat Mary like the major divine figure.

The sphere of Christology is quite interesting for the research, so students have the exclusive chance to improve their knowledge on this branch of theology and probably make a considerable contribution into the discipline. Writing Christology term paper students are supposed to work out vast sources of literature and get to know about the study more. One should present the major issues of Christology, present the core ideas, theories, hypothesis, texts and methodology of the research. In addition one should learn about the main problems which bother Christology and try to prove one of the ideas about the nature of Jesus Christ. The student is welcome to support one of the ideas of Christology or just to compare the two key ideas providing the trustworthy argumentation.

Writing a term paper the student can face numerous problems which are connected with the complexity of the topic. It is sensible to learn more about the branch of theology from the works of the professional writer who has prepared a free example term paper on Christology. One can rely on the experience and knowledge of an expert and his free sample term paper on Christology written online and see how to analyse this topic correctly and construct the paper well.

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