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Term Paper on Social Change


Change Term Paper:

Social change is the process of the appearance of the new features and elements in the social structures and in the systems of the social relations. Social change touches upon the broad and narrow explanations of the term. In the global meaning a social change is the development and introduction of new elements into the whole human society. In the narrower meaning, changes touch upon the alterations of the social elements in the certain social groups in the definite areas and periods of time. The problem of social change is investigated by sociology which uses various methods and approaches to reveal this problem efficiently. The major issues researched by sociology related with the social change are: evolution and revolution; long-term and short-term; well-planned and spontaneous; violent and voluntary, conscious and unconscious; and also the changes on the level on an individual, a group of people and the whole human society.

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The main sociological theories of social changes are divided into the three core groups: social and cultural (the changes in worldview, religious views, the system of material and moral values at the definite place and time); industrial and technological (they explain every social change on the basis of the direct influence of the technological and industrial progress on the human civilization and the structure of the society); social and economic change (the changes in the economic relations, the alteration of the interaction between the labour force and the employer and interpersonal relations in the process of production).

Social change is a serious and complicated matter which depends on the variety of factors. It is quite difficult to predict the result of the social change and the time it occurs. If the student is interested in the topic of the social change, he should rely on the numerous books and periodicals which explain the problem in articles and critiques. The student is expected to explain the meaning of the social change, define the major categories of the problem, the cause and effect of the changes and the methodology of the prediction and prevention of the certain negative and unfavourable changes for the society. Finally, the student can draw his own conclusion on the social change and define its role for the human society.

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