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Term Paper on CMOS Design


Design Term Paper:

Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor is the special technology of the construction of the integrated circuits.

The technology of CMOS uses the field-effect-transistors with insulated gate and channels of different conduction. The greatest advantage of the technology over the bipolar technologies is the extremely little waste of energy in the static condition (in the majority of cases it is possible to think that energy is consumed only in the time of the change of the condition). The serious peculiarity of CMOS in comparison with the other technologies is the existence of n- and p-channel field-effect-transistors, what makes CMOS technology faster and more profitable, because it consumes less energy. In fact, the technology is quite complicated and is characterised with the difficult technologic processes. The majority of the modern logical circuits and microprocessors use the scheme of CMOS.

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The history of creation of CMOS is quite long. The design was invented in 1963 by Frank Wanlass from the company of Fairchild Semiconductor and the first circuits appeared in 1968. At first CMOS was supposed to be just an energy saving technology and was introduced into the construction of calculators, watches and other appliances where the quality of energy saving was of life importance. Later in 1990-s with the increase of the integration of the circuits the problem of the diffusion of energy in the elements occurred and CMOS was in the advantage. Very soon the speed of switching and density mounting were increased and the priority of this technology over the bipolar transistors could no longer be disputed.

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