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Term Paper on Confucius


Term Paper:

Confucius is the ancient philosopher on the ancient China. His ideas had a great impact on the life of China and Eastern Asia and were the basis of the religion popular in those areas called Confucianism. It is known that Confucius was very talented and wise, because when he was only 20 years old, he was already known to be one of the best pedagogues in China. For more than two thousand years Confucianism has been the most popular religion in China and only Buddhism and Daoism can complete with it, no wonder the personality of Confucius has become very important for the religious and cultural worldview of the nations of Eastern Asia. Confucius comes from the ancient famous family of Qin. His family tree was scrupulously investigated by the medieval Chinese scholars. According to their research the family of Confucius was closely connected with the emperor’s family, but during the generations the family lost its wealth and influence.

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Because of his poor life in childhood Confucius decided to restore the name of his family and devoted much time to self-education, especially art (it was the tradition among the nobility of those times). Very soon the bright mind and talents of young Confucius were noticed and he took a serious position in the society. Being a philosopher Confucius brainstormed a few core principles of life: love, truthfulness, traditions, consciousness, sincerity. In spite of being called a religion Confucianism does not have any connections with theology, as there is no god for Confucius, there are no church institutions, no temples or sacrum places.

Confucius is a very influential and wise philosopher of the ancient times and it was he who produced the major rule of ethics: What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others.

Confucius set the idea of the ideal structure of the human society, where everyone has his own role, so it is important for students to learn about the philosopher more and to get to know about his life and activity. A well-organized Confucius term paper is a research of the life and ideas of the philosopher and the analysis of his philosophy from all sides. The student should define the main aspects and points of his study and compare Confucius to the other philosophers of the ancient world.

When the student is asked to describe the life of the famous philosopher, he is often at a loss, because it is not easy to focus on the right matters and which require attention, so the best way out is a free example term paper on Confucius written online. The student can read a free sample term paper on Confucius organized by an expert and see the correct research approach and manner of writing of the paper.

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