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Term Paper on Cyber Terrorism


Terrorism Term Paper:

Cyber terrorism is the use of computers and information technology for terroristic purposes. The term appeared in 1980s with the rapid development of the field of information technology and its increasing role in the human everyday life. It is natural, that terrorists use all possible methods to reach their goal; no wonder, the Internet has also become quite an effective weapon for them. There are two meanings of cyber terrorism, which explain this issue in quite a different way.

The first meaning is a narrow one and it explains cyber terrorism as the use of IT for threat and manipulation. Very often businessmen, politicians and common people receive email messages which contain threats and shocking content and the purpose of this form of terrorism is to make the victim stressed, frightened and nervous.

Cyber terrorism at school is the use of IT by students for psychological abuse of their classmates and this issue belongs to the form of school bullying.

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The broad explanation of cyber terrorism is the use of IT with the purpose of causing harm to computer networks, servers, databases, etc on political, religious, social, ideological and other grounds. Terrorists can attack servers of the state government, the police, healthcare institutions, financial institutions, colleges and universities, etc. The primary aim of these attacks is causing chaos and fear among common people, though very often attacks can be aimed at the definite target – a politician, a social activist, etc. Security services of every country have special departments which prevent cyber attacks of terrorists and resolve their consequences in the effective way.

Cyber terrorism is an interesting topic for every student who is involved into administration, IT and other fields of study. One is able to research this topic in detail and prepare a term paper demonstrating his knowledge and creativity there. The student should focus on the analysis of the problem, explanation of the meaning of cyber terrorism; mention its forms, its dangers, learn about the most serious cases of cyber terrorism which occurred in the past in order to represent the whole picture of the problem in his term paper. In conclusion, it is necessary to evaluate the relevance of this problem and predict its further development and its possible threats.

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