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Term Paper on Dualism


Term Paper:

Dualism is the doctrine which claims that every phenomenon in the world has two opposite sides.

Moreover, dualism is the philosophic theory which divides the universe into two independent materials and this study is the foundation of the belief into the eternal division of everything into the good and the evil. Dualism differs from monism (the belief in the single force or material) and pluralism (the study which claims that there are many different roots of everything). The most popular dualistic theory in philosophy since the times of Descartes is the belief that the world consists of the mental substance (intelligence and consciousness) and physical substance (the body and material).

Dualism has always existed in the mind of the human society, because even at the dawn of the human civilization the first cultures were based on dualism. Nearly every religion in the world is dualistic, because according to their point of view the world is divided into the material and spiritual sides.

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In addition, the material side is often associated with sin and evil and the spiritual side with goodness and heaven. The whole human philosophy is based on the dualistic theory, because the first Christian medieval philosophers already divided the world into the opposite sides claiming that the mental side of the human being is more powerful and better than the material one. Since that time, dualism has conquered the human mind and people involuntarily divide everything into the good and evil, white and black forgetting about the other medium substances and mixes of several elements of the structure of the universe.

Dualism is the belief that the world and every object, phenomenon and action have the positive and negative background. The topic is quite difficult but interesting for the research. The student is able to illustrate the history of dualism, the manner of the development of the dualistic thought and concept, mention the major philosophers who can be called the fathers of dualism and the philosophers who have developed ideas of the latter deeper. The term paper should demonstrate the main points and principles of dualism contain the examples of dualism in the human culture, religious view and the understanding of the world. This philosophic topic is able to help student demonstrate his knowledge and experience form the best side.

There are many problematic points in every term paper, because the assignment demands the responsible and creative approach and knowledge about the technical organization of the text. If the student knows the theory but fails to construct the text well, a free example term paper on dualism is able to help him. The young expert can understand the right manner of writing if he observes the information presented in a free sample term paper on dualism in the Internet.

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