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Abstinence vs Comprehensive Education Essay


there are two ways of how modern school looks at the problem of sexuality education. From one point there is a concept of comprehensive education, which regards transmission of the knowledge on sexuality and from other there is a concept of abstinence, which assumes that there is a strong need in creating an environment for young people, where they will be taught that the abstinence is the only truly effective way to control birth and sexually transmitted disease.

Sex education is the transmission of information regarding the sexuality. Often a preference is given for the more general term “relationships and sexuality education,” including sex education is a part and which in addition to the transfer of information has also a great emphasis on the aspect of the formation. In some schools, this subject is included in the curriculum of the school in a subject like biology or religion.

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Until around 1960, the sexual morality was a taboo that in many cases meant a complete lack of sex education. The parents told their children very little (only that sex was dirty, and that boys had to sleep with their hands above the blankets), and at school no sex education was given. So it was that when a woman married, she did not know that she could not pregnant from snogging, and that the navel has nothing to do with procreation.

The sexual revolution has broken the taboo on sexuality. The subject has also become much easier since the introduction of the contraceptive pills that could reliably prevent pregnancy.

Since about 1985, the emergence of AIDS gave a new impetus to the importance of sex education. In many African countries, where large parts of the population is infected with AIDS, sex education is seen as an essential part of public health. Yet there are still a lot of countries and regions in which sexuality is still (especially for girls) a taboo.

Relational and sexual education begins at home with simple questions of the child to the parents. A child will ask at a very young age where he, for example, comes from. That may soon be a reason for a parent to tell how it is about. It is therefore best to just and casually talk about it, as well as other issues with the growing child, which have to be more fully discussed as the child grows.

However, not all parents will go just as easily, because it is still a taboo for them to speak openly about sexuality. Some parents will rightly or wrongly think that the children are not yet ready for it. By postponing the discussion on this, however, the parents make the problem even more difficult.

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