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Term Paper on Electromagnetic Induction


Induction Term Paper:

Electromagnetic induction is the phenomenon of the creation of electric current in closed circuit during the change of the magnetic flux which goes through it. Electromagnetic induction was discovered by Michael Faraday in 1831 after the great number of experiments in the sphere of magnetism. In 1820 it was discovered that electricity generates magnetism, so that it is quite possible that electricity and magnetism are interconnected and magnetism can generate electricity as well. This idea existed for about ten years in the head of Faraday and due to the numerous experiments he managed to prove it and discovered the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction.

He discovered that the electromotive force, which occurs in closed conducting circuit, is proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux through the surface, limited by this circuit.

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The strength of electromotive force does not depend on the cause of the change of the flux – the change of the magnetic flux or the motion of the circuit in magnetic field. The main purpose of Faraday’s research was the invention of the new sources of electricity. Due to the discovery of Faraday the humanity received such an important appliance as electric generator, which generates electricity through the mechanic power. Nowadays there are many types of such generators which work according to the same principle but generate different amount of electricity. The biggest and most productive electric generators are installed at the hydroelectric stations, which work due to the power of water. There are also small generators which work from the mechanic force of simple bicycles.

Electromagnetic induction is an interesting issue which will be very important for the students who are involved into the field of physics. The young person has the chance to construct a logical and original term paper which would observe electromagnetic induction from all sides. The student’s task is to prepare an informative presentation, description and explanation of the issue on electromagnetic induction touching upon the history of the discovery of this phenomenon, the experiments conducted for it, the usefulness of the discovery for the humanity and the practical application of electromagnetic induction in different spheres of the human life.

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