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Firewall Term Paper


Paper on Firewall:

A firewall is a device or a group of devices which have been designed to accept, decline, cipher, and let the whole computer traffic through proxy between the areas of different security according to the set of rules and other criteria. Firewall can look like a single device (the so called router, which provides the user with the access to the Internet), the software which is installed on the personal computer and proxy server.

A simple and cheap firewall seldom has a well-developed and varied system of configurations and abilities of filtration and more expensive and complicated firewalls have wider options and fulfill more varied operations. Firewalls are divided into stateless and stateful. Stateless firewalls are characterized with simple filtration and they do not follow the current connections and filter the stream of data on the basis of the static rules.

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Stateful firewalls represent the type of filtration considering the context of the data. They follow the current connections and are more effective against various harmful DDoS attacks. There are three main types of firewalls which satisfy different categories of users: network layer firewalls, application layer firewalls and connection layer firewalls. The firewall of network layer is represented by a simple router which provides the user with the local network but its safety it quite poor. The application layer which is known better as proxy server is more reliable and secure, because it sees the difference between the network and the Internet and makes decision whether to let the data through the wall or not. It reduces the productiveness of the network, though. The firewalls of the connection layer are the same as the ones of the application layer, but serve for the bigger number of protocols.

The topic on firewall is quite interesting for the research, because the student starts understanding the principles of work of the local networks and the whole Internet. The young person who has decided to research the issue of firewall is supposed to collect much reliable information about the structure, types, strong and weak sides of firewalls and the rules of their application on practice. The student is also able to brainstorm his own approach towards the analysis of the issue and think about the improvement of firewalls of different types.

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