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Term Paper on Facebook


Term Paper:

Facebook is the social networking website which is considered to be the most popular in the world.

Facebook was invented by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. At that time he was the student of the university and knew that young people have always had problems with communication with one another, so he decided to create a website, which would contain information about the students of the university and everyone who is interested in the person would be able to find out about her all he wants. At first Facebook was available for the students of the university where Zuckerberg studied but later on it became open for other universities and then for the whole world.

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Now Facebook has more than one billion of active users and really connects people from all over the world. Facebook is a convenient website which helps people find friends, who share common interests, like music, films, art, books, computer games, sports, etc. Then, many well-known artists, singers and actors have their profiles at Facebook and inform their fans about their upcoming performances and the latest work. So, if one is interested in the work of an actor, he can follow him on Facebook and watch his latest updates about his new roles in plays and movies. Finally, Facebook has got annual profit of several billions of dollars making money on advertising. Businessmen are aware of the fact that nearly everyone spends time in Facebook, so they pay money to advertise their goods and services there.

Facebook has become the part of our life, because every day we communicate with our friends and follow the latest news about the people we are interested in there. If a student has chosen to write about Facebook, he will need to spend time to collect reliable data on the topic and look through the reliable up-to-date critics and articles about it. A student should investigate the history of invention of the social networking website; think about its advantages and disadvantages. One should devote some time to the problem of Facebook addiction among teenagers, who spend too much time there forgetting about studying. So, a successful Facebook term paper should contain information of all types and answer all the questions which can bother a modern person who is familiar with Facebook.

The process of term paper writing can be a trouble for students who have not got used to paper writing. In this case the Internet is the best writing assistant, because a great number of high-quality free sample term papers on Facebook can be found there. Professional writers share their experience and knowledge about the topic with students, so it is reasonable to read a good free example term paper on Facebook written by an expert and understand the way of the correct paper writing.

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Custom Term Paper on Facebook

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