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Term Paper on Filipino Values


Values Term Paper:

Filipino values are the values which reflect the worldview, attitude towards the material and moral issues, the lifestyle, traditions and customs of the Filipino. Filipino values include a great number of the specific issues, ideology, ethics, morality, attitude towards religious and various aspects of the social life. According to the reports of the famous ethnographers and anthropologists who have studied the values of the Filipino, their worldview, traditions and morals values are extremely rich and have their own peculiarities, which differ from the ones of the Western world. For example, the Filipino do not have the dualistic worldview, they do not divide things into bad and good but percept the phenomena and life events in harmony. Speaking about their social life, it should be admitted that the society is the major aspect of their life. The desire of being respected and praised by the representatives of their social group is the strongest one. A family is the sacred phenomenon for the Filipino and they try to coexist in piece and help one another within the family unit.

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They respect women in comparison to other ethnic groups and despise thieves and all sort of criminals fearing the punishment of the God. Much attention is paid to the inner side of an individual, and it can be admitted that they focus more on the inner than on outer world on a human being. Speaking about the attitude towards the family life, both men and women are responsible for the bringing up of the children but it is natural, that female are supposed to devote more time to children and household.

Filipino values can be called an interesting topic for the analysis and students have the chance to learn about the culture and worldview of other ethnical groups writing a term paper on it. Filipino values term paper is a profound investigation of the culture and traditions of the Filipino and student has to collect trustworthy information about the problem in order to research it well. One should dwell on the certain definite characteristic features of the Filipino values, think about the differences and the unique qualities of the worldview which differ from the other ethnical groups and cultures.

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