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Term Paper on Ford Motor Company


Motor Company Term Paper:

Ford Motor Company is the US automobile manufacturer, which produces cars under the mark Ford. The company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, who is known to be the pioneer of the massive automobile production applying the classic assembly line for this purpose. Nowadays Ford is the fourth most popular manufacturer of automobiles after Toyota, General Motors and Volkswagen. In 2005 the company managed to sell about 6,8 million cars earning more than 178 billion dollars. The first automobile was produced in 1903 and was called a “gasoline carriage” and it was said even a fifteen-year-old boy was able to drive it. In 1907 the well-known logo of Ford was created and it symbolized quality of the highest level.

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Henry Ford being on the head of the company designed a great number of models of automobiles naming them with the letters of alphabet (from A to S) but the Model T was the most important one and probably the best-known automobile in the human history, because it was the first car which was easily driven and could ride in the countryside. With the run of time Ford has been developing rapidly and is still on the leading places on the automobile market. It has produced several cult lines of cars, like Mustang, GT and others. The company has its plants all over the world, including the US, Mexico, China, India, Russia, Western European countries, Australia, Brazil and others. It is also an important sponsor of numerous sports competitions, especially football.

Ford Motor Company is a successful US producer of automobiles and it deserves student’s attention.

The young person is able to look through the literature related with Ford and collect the reliable information about the company. One has to focus on the history of Ford Motor Company, evaluate the impact of Henry Ford on the automobile industry of the world and think about the place of this company on the international market. It is wise to observe the types of automobiles manufactured by the company, its achievements, concepts, success and failure, etc. The student is expected to analyze the work of the company on all levels in order to present the objective presentation of the activity of this famous firm.

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